Live Independently

SOLO™ Home Security and Personal Emergency Response System saves you money and supports a better quality of life in your own home

Caregiver Support

As the aging population increases most elderly people would prefer to stay in their own homes as long as possible. SOLO™ was designed to not only have the capabilities both of a traditional security alarm system but also be able to notify you immediately about any panic or medical situation. You can then act upon the different event types with the appropriate action.

For example, Caregivers can monitor motion activity or can be alerted to the absence of motion, a powerful feature. With the Zone Map, you can see at a glance the "time last tripped" for a zone.
You can even be alerted by the presence of sound, with the onboard sound detection.

And when an event happens, be notified anytime or anywhere via enhanced voice notifications, email, email-to-text, IOS or Android mobile app, or web portal.SOLO System supports safe and secure independent living

Cost Savings of Living at Home

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are often too expensive for seniors and their families. In an assisted living center, a bed in a shared room will typically run between $10,000 to $20,000 per year, while a private room can cost upwards of $75,000. These costs can climb even higher in nursing facilities when seniors require specialized care. Aging in Place with SOLO™ as long as possible is the smart choice and will save on expenses while giving you peace of mind.

Monitor Activity

Powerful Capabilities powered by the Cloud


Detect movement within a zone


Detect the absense of motion


Built-in microphone to detect sound

Zone Map

Occupancy at a single glance

Time Since Tripped

Real-time remote activity

Peace of Mind.

You can monitor movements and activity in real-time. This is particularly valuable for Caregivers and family members. For example, you can tell if your loved-one is still in bed, or when was the last time they visited the kitchen, or where they are in the house. Or maybe you want to monitor "inactivity", so you can be alerted if there has been no movement after a long period in a particular area with zone inactivity monitoring.

Zone status with the “time-since-tripped” feature provides real-time remote activity monitoring along with instant personal emergency signaling. And the proprietary Zone Map feature provides system occupancy at a single glance so you can track and learn the activities of daily living and identify anomalies that may signify a problem.

SOLO™ is a powerful and simple to use Personal Emergency Response System and Security System in one. Combined with our Cloud Notification Service, it gives caregivers an unprecedented level of peace of mind. It is a safety net that provides a complete view of a loved-one's well-being and delivers automatic, real-time alerts.

Medical and Panic Alerts

Medical Alert

Help is just a button push away

Panic Alert

Panic and Silent Under Duress

A Safety Net

SOLO™ is a new type of Home Security and Personal Emergency Response. It secures you home for peace of mind with motion and door or window sensors. With the FOB, just a push of a button and it notifies others of a Medical or Panic event.
And with Live Voice Connect recieve an immediate call back

Connect Live
when it matters

Live Voice Connect

When an event happens such as a Medical Alert or Panic Alert our Cloud Voice Monitoring can instantly connect a Caregiver or whomever you identify and a monitored person or property. Live Voice Connect is automatic with Cloud Voice Monitoring and gives you a direct connection to a loved-one or property.

When to consider Eldercare

When family members want to stay home as they age, but want the security of knowing someone is watching out for them.

When you worry that something has happened when your aging family member doesn't stay in touch.

When a family member requires some extra care, but can't afford expensive assisted living.

When you want a safety net for active and healthy aging family members.

The danger of falling

Did you know that an adult dies from a fall in the United States every 20 minutes? That one in four older adults falls each year?

Although you can not prevent falls, you can be instantly notified of a medical or panic event with SOLO™ and Connect Live with the monitored person or summon help. 

Easy to Install
Easy to Use

Technical Specifications

SOLO™ is a new generation of cloud-enabled security. It is keypad-less, using your smartphone or computer to communicate instead of a traditional wall keypad. Your control of the security system can be from anywhere in the world. It is a 100% wireless security and PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) solution that is incredibly easy to install and fully controlled through your smartphone or computer.

By adding additional wireless sensors, such as Door / Window sensors or Pet Immune Motion sensors, your SOLO™ system can support up to 32 zones as well as up to 64 Wireless FOBs. Chirp on Interior zones allows the owner to have audible feedback of movement within the premises. A Zone Map shows you at a glance movement or lack thereof at any time. The Door Chime option causes the base unit to chime whenever an entry/exit zone is opened or closed.

You can add wireless FOB Pendants for Panic or Medical Alerts, or silent panic "under duress" alerts. Or, the FOB Pendants can be used to arm/unarm the system. The choice is yours, and changeable at any time.
Additionally, you can add wireless peripherals such as Cameras, HVAC/Thermostats, Exterior Sirens, and Fire Detectors to extend your security system. 

SOLO™ is also a powerful, but simple to use Personal Emergency Response System. It delivers peace of mind to caregivers and protects loved ones by providing real-time remote activity monitoring. It also notifies instantly personal emergency alerts such as Panic alerts, Medical alerts, Silent under duress alerts, or Entry alarms.

Chirp on Interior zones allows the owner to have audible feedback of movement within the premises. Real-time zone status with the “time-since-tripped” feature allows a caregiver to view motion or lack thereof in the monitored zones.

The security system is expandable from 1 to 32 wireless activity sensors, 1 to 64 wireless panic pendants. It also includes one Noise Detection zone. SOLO™ offers a unique solution for continued independence and caregiver peace of mind.

With its integrated IP communicator, SOLO™ allows you as a caregiver to remotely view real-time occupancy status and receive programmable notifications for zone activity, absence of motion, and personal emergencies.

SOLO™ allows you to specify an email or push notifications (using the IOS or Android App) to multiple contacts to receive alarms, arms, disarms, panic alerts, medical alerts, and more. If your provider allows email to text, then an SMS can also be sent.

Audible telephony or voice alerts get the most attention when monitoring. They also ensure that you or others receive the notification when it truly counts.

For 24/7 reliable and trusted notifications, our Cloud Voice Monitoring allows you to specify contacts for automatic verbal and persistent notifications of an event. It can then connect you in real-time to a monitored person or property. Because we apply automation and telephony technologies to this service, we can typically reduce your alarm monitoring costs by over 75%. 

• Up to 32 wireless zones
• 1 Programmable noise detection zone
• Up to 64 programmable wireless FOB Pendants
• Up to 32 unique users
• Up to 8 partitions
• Smart-Phone control/status
• Simple sensor enrollment
• RF auto-enroll avoids install errors
• RF walk-test mode enables verification of each RF sensor installation
• Programmable capacitive-touch disc interface with audible and visual feedback
• Cameras can be added for live-view
• Configurable event notifications
• Built-in web server and html user-interface
• 128-bit AES encryption
• Real-time zone status with “time-since-tripped ” feature
• 100BaseT Ethernet
• 256 Off-line event buffer
• Integrated Syslog client for local activity logging

Also included:
• Zone activity monitoring
• Event Logging
• Alerting by e-mail, SMS or push-notifications (using App)
• Network Supervision
• Ability to label Zones (Wireless Activity Sensors and the Noise Detection sensor) and Users for ease of reporting
• The proprietary “Zone Map” feature provides system occupancy at a single glance
• Mobile App – iPhone and Android compatible
• Multi-language portal support
• Zone "inactivity" monitoring (optional add on)

• SOLO™ is compatible with many third-party automation systems including Amazon's Alexa
• Wireless cameras can be added for a live view through the app or portal
• Up to 4 wireless external sirens, to augment the built-in internal siren, can be added to a single base station
• Wireless fire detectors can also be added to the system very soon
• You can add wireless HVAC/Thermostats to the system  

• Make obsolescence a thing of the past.
• Free system updates. As new software features become available your SOLO™ is easily upgraded over the network and automatically keeps itself up to date.
• The system is portable. No more re-installs. Moving? Not an issue, take it with you. Works worldwide wherever there is internet access. 
• Free Technical Support 

Age in Place
your way

A combination Home Security and Personal Emergency Response System 
SOLO™ supports a better quality of life in your own home for as long as possible

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